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What does the marketing – sales funnel look like?

Over the years I have helped many companies and individual business persons alike to deploy various types of sales technology tools such as CRM systems {customer relationship management} – {SalesForce, SugarCRM, Prosperworks, Zoho, TopProducer}.  But I was always curious about how much people really understood of the actual sales / marketing flow.  So to help in our understanding of this very important subject about how a customer actually rolls through the marketing sales funnel, I’m posting a few graphics that I find useful to our understanding of that flow.

First thing to understand is that the goal of any marketing strategy is to build a bigger and more efficient funnel that will keep customers engaged from beginning to end and convert a greater number of prospects into buyers.

The shape of your marketing funnel reflects how many people are engaged at each stage of the process. You will naturally have a much larger number of people at the top of your funnel, then as people become customers they funnel down to the bottom where its much narrower.

The traditional sales funnel consists of four stages:

marketing sales funnel










Understand and monitor your metrics!



These measurements will reinforce the shape of an effective funnel, with each section of the marketing funnel engaging fewer customers than the last.

Though even the most effective funnel will have fewer conversions than initial visitors, tweaking your marketing strategy can help to build a bigger funnel with a larger number of satisfied buyers coming out at the bottom.

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